Every family is unique and so every divorce case faces its own unique challenges and setbacks. There are a few different ways you can execute a divorce, but not all options are right for every family. Aside from the traditional court-centered divorce, you can choose to engage in alternative dispute resolution, saving yourself the stress and cost of divorce litigation.

Divorce mediation, one form of alternative dispute resolution, may be right for your case if: You want to retain control of your divorce. Mediation lets you and your spouse make all the important decisions. You and your spouse, with the assistance of an experienced divorce mediator, can work out your divorce issues without having an attorney take the lead or a judge make all the decisions for you. Mediation allows the spouses to walk away feeling good about the decisions they’ve made.

You want to keep costs down. Mediation is preferable to hiring separate attorneys and taking your divorce to court. Attorney and court fees add up, and the nature of divorce litigation lends itself to prolonged court battles with significant costs. Mediation can be done in a few sessions and without any attorneys or unnecessary court costs. With divorce mediation, you can keep your costs down and have more control over how long your divorce takes.

You have minor children. When children are involved, divorces can quickly become complex. Custody determinations and the residential time schedule in the parenting plan should be approached with the child’s best interests in mind. Having a judge decide when and where your child will spend his or her time can be risky. You should consider mediation particularly if you have younger children who may need more intensive supervision or extra care. Co-parenting can be difficult and you will face unknown challenges. A seasoned divorce mediator can help you draft a parenting plan that will anticipate the challenges you may face.

You have assets that need to be divided.

Asset division is typically a very contentious area of divorce. Mediation provides a productive space in which you can decide with your spouse on who gets what assets, without the involvement of the court. If you are concerned about how your assets will be divided, consider mediation as a safe place to take those disputes. With a willing attitude and the help of an experienced divorce mediator, mediation can be beneficial for many families. If you have questions about mediating your divorce, contact Mediation Advantage Services for expert help. Experienced in divorce mediation, Law Office of Polly Tatum can help you efficiently mediate your divorce amicably with your spouse. Based in historic Worcester, our firm serves all cities and towns throughout Massachusetts and Worcester County including, Auburn, Paxton, Leicester, Sutton, Grafton, Shrewsbury, Westboro, Northboro, Southboro, Holden, Sterling, Princeton, Worcester, Charlton, Millbury, Dudley, Spencer, Brookfield, Sudbury, Natick, Framingham, Hopkinton, Milford, Blackstone, Leominster, Fitchburg, Acton, Jefferson, Barre, Oakham, Cambridge, Newton, Marlboro, Lancaster, Bolton, and Hudson. Call our office at (774) 366-3711, fill out our online form, or email us at info@mediationadvantage.com today to schedule your Complimentary Mediation Success Planning Session. You can also sign up for our eNewsletter or download our free guide for more information regarding divorce in Massachusetts.