Finishing With Confidence

You’ve concluded your mediation. Your separation agreement is drafted, signed, and notarized. Your financial divorce papers have been carefully prepared. You’ve only need to file the papers and wait for your final hearing before your job is done. Is there anything left for you to do or anyone you should consult? This will depend on your needs, your comfort with the court system, and the complexity of your case. Many people wonder whether they need a divorce attorney to go to the final hearing with them. You may not know what goes on at a divorce hearing or what you need to know before you go. You are allowed to represent yourself in a divorce action in Massachusetts, so you could go to your final divorce hearing solo. If you don’t have an attorney already, and you have a separation agreement in hand, there is little reason to pay an attorney to just go to the final hearing with you. While you may not need an attorney attend the final hearing, you may want to have an attorney review your separation agreement before you file it.

This is a potentially very important step in many divorce cases. An attorney can ensure you filled out all your forms correctly, that the terms and conditions of your agreement are fair, and that the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court judge who hears your case will likely sign off on it. An attorney can also help you prepare for the courtroom experience if you are nervous.

Your divorce mediator can also advise you on what you should expect at the hearing, and the court provides materials and guides that will help you prepare if you are representing yourself in your action. Speak with a Massachusetts divorce mediator if you have questions about how to finalize your divorce. The process can be relatively simple if you are filing an uncontested, no-fault divorce and have a separation agreement with your spouse. You and your spouse may not need attorneys to represent you if you have an agreement in writing. You may benefit from at least consulting with a divorce attorney, however, if your case is complex, involves significant assets, or business interests.

And, again, it is recommended you have an attorney review your final papers before you file them to make sure your agreement is legally sound. If you are worried about being alone at the final hearing, you can always bring a friend or family member for support.

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