Divorce & Your Life

Divorce has the tendency to take control of our lives. It takes our time, money, and our freedom of thought. Compartmentalizing your emotions can help you tackle your divorce while still keeping your peace of mind intact. Compartmentalization is controlling your emotions in an effective way.

If you find yourself thinking too much about the divorce, you may benefit from compartmentalizing your emotions. This can help you come to your divorce mediation sessions prepared to make good decisions.

Mastering Compartmentalization: Navigating Emotions In The Mediation Room

Set Aside, Not Swept Away

Being successful in mediation requires you put aside your emotions. You need to do this just for the time being so you can focus on the task at hand. Your task, creating a separation agreement with your spouse, will be much harder if you cannot do this. When preparing for mediation, don’t get caught up on the details. Set those feelings aside for the time being, and focus on planning for a better future.

Compartmentalizing For Peace

It is important to not let the divorce seep into all areas of your life.

Try to set aside time each day or each week to handle divorce tasks. If you catch yourself thinking about the divorce too much, use that awareness to compartmentalize. The divorce itself will take a relatively short amount of time in your life. Your emotions connected with the divorce can be compartmentalized enough to get through the task at hand.

Helping You Focus On The Task At Hand

You can better cope with the divorce by compartmentalizing your emotions.

First, you will be able to keep moving on with your life despite the circumstances.

Second, you can make sure you are there for your children in your full capacity. Third, it will help you focus on mediating your divorce and making good decisions. Lastly, it will teach you a valuable skill that can help you down the road as you meet life’s other challenging events. Consult with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you think you need help preparing for your mediation sessions. A little planning and preparation can go a long way toward ensuring you are successful in mediation.

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