The thought of two divorce attorneys battling on behalf of their clients in a courtroom is enough to make most people cringe. Having attorneys handle your divorce for you can seem impersonal and unfeeling, but it can be difficult to know what is best on your own if you are not familiar with divorce law.

Divorce mediation is an alternative to the traditional method of hiring attorneys to represent you. Divorce law is complex no matter what approach you take to handle your divorce. Prepare for mediation by becoming familiar with the divorce statutes and the components of a separation agreement to have the best chance at success. Your mediation may be difficult if you do not adequately prepare.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney To Handle Your Mediation Case

You may not know where to turn to get help preparing for mediation on your own. You can consult with a divorce attorney to prepare for mediation.

You may want to go over the basics of divorce in Massachusetts, how to draft a separation agreement that addresses all the pertinent issues in your divorce, and what guidelines you must adhere to for your divorce to be granted. You can also have an attorney review the final separation agreement before you file it with the court. If you are not working with an experienced and skilled mediator, this might be your best chance at success. A qualified Massachusetts divorce mediator, however, should be able to provide you and your spouse with sufficient guidance to complete your divorce without attorneys.

When looking for a mediator, make sure you choose one with ample experience as well as the knowledge, capabilities, and credentials to eliminate the need for an attorney. Speak with a few different mediators about the specifics of your case and ask them what kind of experience they have had mediating similar divorces, how many mediations they have conducted, and what level of knowledge they have of Massachusetts family law statues. You may still want to consult with an attorney, but with the right mediator, you should not have to. Because mediators are neutral third parties, you can trust that their advice and guidance is in both of your best interests.

Do you have questions about divorce mediation? If so, Mediation Advantage Services can help.

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