By deciding to hire two separate attorneys instead of choosing mediation, you are leaving the decisions up to a judge to decide. In addition, it is more likely that the anger between spouses will escalate. The mediation process reduces the anger and the bitterness saves the couple money and provides the couple with the opportunity to be in control and make their own decisions. This enables them to create a parenting plan that benefits the children and helps the couple reach a fair outcome. The couple is also able to go through the process much faster than they would be able to through the court system.

Can You Walk Me Through The Process Of Mediation In A Family Law Case?

At our firm, the process of mediation involves each party addressing a checklist of items that go into the operating agreement. The initial phone conversation happens first with my client care manager. If it seems that the clients are interested in mediation, then she’ll set up a video call with me as the owner, which usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. After that call, a client will come in for a mediation success planning session with me, which typically takes two hours. During that session, we dive a little deeper into how the process will work and discuss the couple’s goals and concerns.

We provide a streamlined, effective and efficient process. If applicable, we help clients deal with issues in the short term, but we also help our clients deal with issues in the future so they can be fully prepared for life after divorce. Then, we have a series of structured meetings in order to develop a comprehensive and fair divorce agreement. During the process of mediation, we always maintain neutrality, fairness and transparency. It typically takes clients two to four months to go through the mediation process, depending on their schedules. We also offer expedited services, where we can do the process in one, two or three days, depending on the complexity of the couple’s financial situation. We have a long track record of conflict resolution success here at our firm, and we use this wisdom throughout the divorce and mediation process.

As couples move through this process, we can ensure that they are preserving their dignity, their relationship with their children, and their assets.

We want to ensure that clients are not spending all of their assets on legal fees. One of our goals is to change the idea that divorce is the end of the family. We believe that our process is transformational in the sense that it has the ability to ensure that clients are able to have healthier relationships in the future.

We provide a structured process, which includes certain information that we provide to the clients before, during and after the process. We will also do post-follow-up mediation sessions with the client after they’ve completed the divorce process. If they need to come back and adjust their co-parenting plan, or if their financial circumstances change, then we can work with them on modifying their agreement.

How Can I Be Sure That Mediation Will Produce A Fair Result?

In order to be sure that mediation will produce a fair result, you have to find a competent and qualified mediator. In doing so, you want to consider how many divorce mediations they have conducted. I’ve personally conducted over 3000 divorce and family mediations. Since 1997, my firm has been the pioneer and leader in providing divorce mediation in Central

Massachusetts. As the CEO of my firm, I train, supervise and mentor the other mediators who work for us.

You want to look at what percentage of the mediator’s professional practice is devoted towards mediation. If it is only 10%, then that might be a red flag indicating that they don’t focus on divorce mediation work. You also want to look at some of the professional associations that the mediator is affiliated with and consider whether or not they participate in continuing legal education with regards to parenting, co-parenting, asset division, child support and spousal support.