Some people get it, and some people don’t. If you’ve been touched closely by divorce, you know that divorce is traumatic. It is more than just a breakup; it is a breakdown of a life together. That breakdown is a loss, and that loss is great. Trauma is defined many different ways. It’s most commonly thought of as a physical or mental injury or harm inflicted unexpectedly or suddenly.

The trauma of divorce is real, and that is why many find it so hard to deal with this major life event. It is important to understand just why divorce is so traumatic. The better we understand what we are going through and why we are feeling the way we are, the easier it is to weather the emotional storm and make it through to the other end, with your family’s peace of mind still intact. You are suffering a loss of a life partner. They are still there, but they will no longer be there for you. Wanted or not, returning to a single life can be a surprisingly hard thing to do in the face of the emotional turmoil of divorce. This is where a lot of the trauma comes from: the change from married life to single life.

Divorce can be traumatic for children in many ways as well. The news of the divorce may be unexpected or sudden to them. Chances are you and your spouse spared your child some of your sorrow, up until now. For children, the sudden change in their family life can leave them feeling like they’ve suffered a blow. Your children also have to witness you and your spouse experience the trauma yourselves. Watching those you care about suffering can be traumatic in and of itself. Divorce can be traumatic, but it doesn’t have to be. A healthy attitude alone can go a long way toward making the whole experience  less disruptive for all involved. Consider divorce mediation if you want to get through your divorce still holding your dignity and peace of mind. An experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator can help you and your spouse make it through this difficult time of divorce with as little stress as possible.

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