Celebrate; Don’t Commiserate!

In the past, divorce was something you didn’t talk about. Though it affects between 40 and 50% of all US marriages, divorce has remained a taboo subject until very recently. Enter the age of the divorce selfie. Couples across the country are taking selfies of them and their now ex-spouses when they divorce, some with the courthouse that finalized their divorce in the background, many with decrees in their hands. Transcending the shame that once came with the title of divorcee, these couples are showing us how divorce doesn’t have to be devastating.

What Divorce Selfies Have Done

The divorce selfie expresses a novel idea: that divorce can be a happy moment. Many people experience some level of relief when their divorce judgment is entered. Divorce itself can be an arduous process. The finalization of a divorce marks the end of a difficult journey. But those who commemorate the moment with a divorce selfie really speak to the positivity that can come from divorce. In this respect, divorce selfies are changing the national conversation about divorce. Coupled with peaceable divorce movements, such as conscious uncoupling, and more laws in place to ensure divorce judgments are fair to both spouses, divorce selfies are putting a positive spin on what was a typically a somber life event. Divorce is still devastating for many people, but it is now more socially acceptable for couples to declare they want to end the marriage mutually and amicably. A hundred years ago, divorce wasn’t something to be proud of. Today, people are beginning to recognize the benefits of bowing out of a relationship with grace and dignity.

A Positive Approach To Divorce

Ending a marriage on a high note is possible if you take the right approach. Divorce mediation is a great option for couples that want to stay on good terms during and after the divorce. Mediation doesn’t guarantee the experience will be easy and carefree, but it does a better job of facilitating a respectful and dignified end to a marriage than litigation does. Many couples today choose to do this to save on divorce fees and to spare their children the bitter fighting divorce can so easily cause. You may need some help, however, divorcing amicably and efficiently. An experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator can help you and your spouse remain on good working terms while you divorce.

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