Divorce is known for tearing families apart. Even if you want to stay amicable in the aftermath for the benefit of your children, the process of divorce can quickly deteriorate the family unit. It can be hard to work on and improve your co-parenting relationship after the divorce when you are both busy rebuilding your lives. Preserving the family unit during a divorce is important because, whether you like it or not, you will still need to interact as a family when it comes to the care and custody of your child. Starting off your co-parenting relationship on the wrong foot can mean endless animosity and finger pointing while you co-parent. This is in no one’s best interests, especially your child’s.

No divorce will leave a family entirely whole, but there are things you can do to develop and maintain a strong sense of family after the divorce.

Divorce mediation can help preserve the family unit because it is cooperative. Instead of posing you against your spouse in a courtroom, it requires you and your spouse work together on creating a separation agreement that is beneficial to you both. This isn’t easy; mediation isn’t for couples that won’t consider compromise or collaboration during the divorce. Unfortunately, the children of these couples often bear the brunt of the conflict.

Mediation can serve two purposes: to help the couple reach agreement on the terms of their divorce and as an exercise in collaborative work. If you have children, you will have to work together with your spouse for years to come as you continue to raise your child. While it may be tempting to make a clean break and begin to think only in terms of your own well-being, working towards an amicable and harmonious divorce is a sacrifice children can greatly benefit from.

Co-parenting is a working relationship. Minimizing the conflict from the divorce can begin with the approach you take. In this respect, mediation can help you and your spouse preserve the family unit during the divorce, which can help you be successful in your future endeavor of co-parenting.

Do you have questions about divorcing with your child’s interests in mind? If so, Mediation Advantage Services can help.

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