Some people facing divorce want to move on and start a new as soon as possible. I’ve had many people ask me what the quickest route to divorce is.

Each divorce follows its own unique timeline, and so it is hard to say what method will get the job done the soonest. In my vast experience, however, courtroom divorces tend to take longer than mediated divorces. Divorce litigation must adhere to the court calendars. Couples who litigate are also subject to their attorneys’ schedules and work productivity. Divorce mediation is often the quicker route to divorce because the couple stays in control of when they will hold their mediation sessions and there need not be months of back and forth between each session. If a couple wants to get divorced as quickly as possible, divorce mediation can facilitate that much sooner than a courtroom divorce can.

Mediating doesn’t mean you can divorce at any point. You will have to appear at one final divorce hearing even if you mediate your divorce and submit a signed separation agreement. The judge will enter your divorce judgment if he or she accepts your agreement and supporting documents at this hearing. Once the judge enters your divorce judgment, you must wait for a period of time before the divorce becomes final under Massachusetts law. This is called the divorce nisi period. This time period gives the couple time to think to make sure they are doing the right thing and there was no hiding of assets. You cannot remarry until this period is over, but once your judgment is entered your job is done.

You should consider divorce mediation if you want to stay in control of how long your divorce takes. This route to divorce is well suited for the couple with efficiency in mind. You will be able to plan how often and how long your mediation sessions are. You will also have more flexibility when working with a mediator. Overseas or long-distance divorces can be especially challenging but can be handled successfully through virtual mediation sessions and phone calls. A skilled Massachusetts divorce mediator can help you and your spouse communicate effectively using the methods available to you, maximizing your time and resources and accelerating your peace of mind.

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