Working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator can help ensure your mediation is successful and amicable. Some couples need extra support, however, and may benefit from working with a divorce mediation team. Taking a team approach to any difficult task can speed up the process and ensure everyone can maintain peace of mind through the process.

Crafting Your Divorce Resolution Squad: The Mediation Approach

A typical mediation involves two spouses and a mediator. Spouses may also have a divorce attorney representing them and acting as their advocate. Massachusetts law does not require you to have attorney representation for your divorce, but it can provide peace of mind for those who want to ensure the negotiations are in their best interests. A divorce mediation team can also include professionals the mediator calls on to provide information and guidance on specific issues, such as tax planning or business interests. Many people may think divorces involving significant assets, business ownership, or complex finances need to be dealt with in court to ensure assets are properly protected. This may not be necessary with the right divorce mediation team. Custody evaluators can also be a valuable addition to the team when complex custody matters are at stake.

The divorce mediator is at the center of every mediation team. Without a capable team leader, coordinating the opinions and guidance of several other team members can do more harm than good. The mediator acts as a coach in some ways. While you and your spouse will be doing all the decision-making when creating your separation agreement, you will need the legal guidance, support, and encouragement of a skilled coach. The mediator can also coordinate the involvement of other reliable specialists who can give you pointers in specific areas, like divesting ownership in a business or planning for post-divorce taxes. It can be hard to know how to make the most of these expert opinions without the guidance of a highly experienced mediator.

Learn What a Mediation Lawyer Can Do For YouYour mediation team can be comprised of just you, your spouse and the mediator, or it can involve specialists who can weigh in on important points of conflict in your divorce. Working as a team rather than as opposing sides on your divorce can ensure negotiations are mutually beneficial to both spouses.

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