Never Sign First & Ask Questions Later

We all respond to divorce differently. Some people resist it while others want to get it over with as soon as possible. Unfortunately, rushing into a divorce settlement can leave you with settlement regret. It is not uncommon for someone to hurriedly sign a divorce settlement because they want the relief of the divorce. Settlement regret is a hard feeling to deal with, especially when your financial future is on the line. To avoid regret, follow these few steps to ensure you don’t rush into anything.

Know When to Stop and Ask Questions

My best advice for avoiding settlement regret is simple; don’t agree to anythingwithout fully considering it. This usually entails giving it some time.

It takes time to distance yourself from the emotional side of the divorce to be able to clearly analyze the settlement offer you are being tendered.

Never sign anything until you have this distance. You could risk letting your emotions make the decisions for you if you do. Make sure you ask questions and clarify any parts of the settlement you don’t fully understand.

Take Your Time and Seek Advice

Consider speaking with an experienced divorce mediator about the settlement offer. A mediator can help you and your spouse negotiate an agreement you can both accept. Even if your spouse has a settlement proposal written up, having a few sessions with a mediator to negotiate the terms can really pay off. You may be happier with the outcome and feel like your rights were protected if you had a hand in the negotiation of your settlement.

Know What You Want and Deserve

Speak with a mediator or attorney about your rights in divorce. Once you know your rights, making decisions comes easier. Understanding your rights can give you some perspective. It can help you identify areas of the settlement that may not be in your best interests. The divorce cannot commence without your signature on the separation agreement, so don’t panic if you simply need more time.  Settlement regret is easy to avoid when you have a hand in the divorce process. Ask questions, talk to professionals, and educate yourself on your rights.

Your divorce settlement will affect your life for years to come, so make sure you are confident about what you are agreeing to. If you have questions about how to negotiate a separation agreement, contact Mediation Advantage Services for experienced family law help. Law Office of Polly Tatum can assist you and your spouse with negotiating a separation agreement that you won’t regret. Based in historic Worcester with a satellite office in Northboro, MA, our firm serves all cities and towns throughout Massachusetts and Worcester County including, Auburn, Paxton, Leicester, Sutton, Grafton, Shrewsbury, Westboro, Northboro, Southboro, Holden, Sterling, Princeton, Worcester, Charlton, Millbury, Dudley, Spencer, Brookfield, Sudbury, Natick, Framingham, Hopkinton, Milford, Blackstone, Leominster, Fitchburg, Acton, Jefferson, Barre, Oakham, Cambridge, Newton, Marlboro, Lancaster, Bolton, and Hudson. Call our office at (508) 466-4734, fill out our online form, or email us at today to schedule your Complimentary Mediation Success Planning Session. You can also sign up for our eNewsletter or download our free e-book for more information regarding divorce in Massachusetts.