Politeness Goes A Long Way

Email is one of the most common methods of communication today. Email is particularly helpful for communicating with your ex over issues such as co-parenting, divorce documents, or for providing information. It sidesteps the need for a cheerful and cordial tone in a phone call and is immediate as opposed to traditional mail. You should be cautious when emailing your ex, however, because it can be easy to misinterpret certain statements, and those emails can come back to haunt you if your ex ever takes a post-divorce judgment issue to court.

Emailing with your ex-spouse doesn’t need to be difficult. You aren’t emailing a potential client or your boss; this is someone you once got along with. Still, there are certain rules and guidelines for keeping your communications appropriate to the situation. A good thing to always keep in mind is your tone can be easily misinterpreted unless you are talking face to face. Keep your emails cordial and informative. No need to provide unnecessary details; stick to what absolutely needs to be said and save the rest for a phone call or conversation. Succinct and polite emails can pave the way to a workable relationship where you can freely discuss details of your divorce and raising your child without fear of things going sour. This freedom is vital if you are to raise your child together. Think of all times you will have to interact with your ex-spouse in the future.

Exchanges, parent-teacher conferences, sports events, graduation are all potential points of conflict. Polite yet practical emails can help fortify you to make it through all these events conflict-free.

Consider working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you have questions about how to divorce amicably for the benefit of your children and your peace of mind. A mediator can explain your options to you and help you and your spouse with your divorce negotiations. A mediator can also facilitate a respectful, polite, and cooperative atmosphere while you negotiate, helping you develop a healthy working relationship with your spouse that will save you from conflict down the road.

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