No one should feel like they don’t have a say in their own divorce.

You may not have a say in many legal matters, but you deserve to have a say when it comes to dividing your belongings or sharing your parenting time. Many people facing divorce worry about what will happen to the belongings and people they care about. They may also fear the outcome may not be in their best interests. The best way to ease these concerns is to remain in the driver’s seat of your divorce. It’s your life after all. Why would the court get to decide everything for you? The Probate and Family Court does not have to decide for you. Instead, the Court will make sure your divorce is fair to both spouses and is in your child’s best interests.

Staying in the driver’s seat of your divorce is important for many reasons. You will be happier and more satisfied with the outcome of your divorce. Working together with your spouse to reach an agreement not only ensures you both have a say but facilitates strong communication going forward. The best way to maintain control of your divorce is to choose an alternative to litigation. Hiring attorneys and taking your divorce to court is no longer your only option. Today, divorce mediation is a common alternative to a courtroom divorce. Mediation allows you and your spouse to remain in the driver’s seat of your divorce but provides the structure, information, and guidance needed for you to make sound legal decisions. The mediator will not be in control and won’t make any decisions for you. He or she will help you and your spouse make the decisions for yourselves. This can be empowering and often allows both spouses to walk away from the divorce better able to communicate effectively in the future. It also allows you to decide what your future will look like. Mediation can help those trying to divorce on their own without attorneys. These kinds of DIY divorces can end in up court in the end because the spouses aren’t able to move through conflict when it comes up.

Consult with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you want to discuss your divorce options for staying in control. While mediation provides the arena in which you can make effective decisions, you still need a highly experienced mediator there to provide assistance and guidance.

Making all the decisions in your divorce may prove to be challenging, but it is the surest path to accelerating your peace of mind during what is traditionally a trying time for any family.

If you need to file a QDRO in your case, contact Mediation Advantage Services for experienced family law help.

Law Office of Polly Tatum can assist you and your spouse with dividing retirement funds during mediation.

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