A divorce is anything but a simple undertaking. Preserving your peace of mind during divorce is one of the hardest, yet most important, things to do. You will have to make important decisions that have long-lasting effects on your life. It can be difficult to make good decisions when you are under stress from something like a divorce. Challenging though it may be, staying balanced and centered can help you make the most effective decisions for yourself and your children.

People don’t always prioritize their peace and happiness during their divorce. Many people prioritize getting what they want instead. These people may take their divorce straight to court thinking it will give them the best chance of “winning”. Taking your divorce to a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court is a good way to increase conflict and animosity between you and your spouse. You are posed against each other in court. Peace of mind may be out of reach when you are always on the defensive. Why set yourself up for a fight?

Avoiding court alone can help you preserve your peace of mind. Opt for an amicable rather than adversarial divorce. Divorce mediation is a pathway to divorce that is known for helping spouses remain amicable and peaceable during the process. Instead of fighting against each other, you work together under the guidance of an informed divorce mediator. The mediator ensures the mediation atmosphere is one of respect, and this helps both spouses maintain their dignity. Keeping in touch with what is important to you and your child can also help you preserve your peace of mind during such a stressful time. Your children may be able to cope better with the divorce if you and your spouse can demonstrate a united front and keep the peace.

Mediation leaves your fate in your own hands, instead of a judge’s. You will be deciding on who gets the family home, who gets what assets, who takes what debts, and when you will share parenting time. Your future is what you make of it, and that can be reassuring. Consult with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you want to discuss whether mediation is right for your case. Mediation may help you preserve your peace of mind, allowing you to divorce with dignity and strength.

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