The Painless Divorce Does Exist

Getting divorced is stressful, tiring, and, at times, emotionally hard.

You may think every divorce must be painful, but that isn’t true.

You can work toward a painless divorce armed with little more than a good attitude and advice from a seasoned expert. Here are a few ways you can lessen the stress, turmoil, and pain of your divorce.

Seeking The Elusive Painless Divorce: Strategies And Insights

Pain Free Uncoupling

  1. Stay on good terms: This may seem very hard, especially if you hurt. But staying on good terms with your spouse throughout the divorce is essential to a less painful, more amicable divorce. It will also help your kids cope better during this difficult time.
  1. Be patient, be kind, and be respectful: Your divorce won’t last forever. In fact, you can complete your divorce negotiations in just a few mediation sessions if you are motivated. Maintain your good will toward your spouse as best you can during this time. Not only will it help facilitate successful negotiations, it won’t drag you down the way spite, animosity, and bitterness do.
  1. Focus on the kids: Focusing on your kids not only guides you to make the best decisions, it can help you stay positive. Making good decisions for your child is rewarding.
  1. Find the right help: Try not to rely on friends for advice because their advice may come from a very different experience than yours. Try to pinpoint what you need help with first. Do you need help knowing what you need to include in your separation agreement? Do you need help negotiating with your spouse? Find the divorce professional who can best meet your needs not just someone who will argue for you in court.
  1. Have the right attitude: This is the key to it all. Having a painless divorce is impossible if you have a negative attitude from the start.

Following these tips during your divorce can be hard, especially if you are battling your spouse in court. Consider alternatives to taking your divorce to court if you are committed to working toward a painless divorce.

Divorce mediation can put the power over your divorce in your hands. When you and your spouse are working together to make all the decisions in your divorce, there is more motivation to stay on good terms, treat each other with respect, and keep your mind on the important things. An experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator can facilitate the negotiations by ensuring you are in the right mindset and have the guidance and support you need.

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