Some people may be hesitant to consider divorce mediation for fear that they will make the wrong decisions or won’t get what you want in the end. There are a few common divorce mistakes that can occur in mediation, but you can easily avoid them with proper planning and guidance. In reality, an attorney may not always make the right decision, and taking your divorce to court offers no guarantee you will get what you want. Here are a few ways you can avoid making the most common divorce mistakes in mediation.

Drop your defenses

One of the most common divorce mistakes you can make is approaching mediation with the wrong mindset. Keep your defenses down and your mind open.

Divorce mediation can work wonders if you and your spouse are ready to work together to achieve a fair outcome. It would be a mistake to go into mediation intent on meeting only your needs, especially if you have children. Refusing to negotiate with your spouse will cost you precious time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Focus on your future, not just the here and now

The here and now can be overwhelming in a divorce, but still try to make decisions keeping your future well-being in mind. Once you start to work on your separation agreement, you may quickly realize how hard it is for two people to plan for their own futures while remaining amicable with their spouse. This is a high-stakes document, and it’s normal to worry about making mistakes. Just don’t let that cloud your vision of your future.

Don’t lose sight of what is important

Yes, divorce is stressful, and yes, mediation will take some work. Always keep in mind, however, that what you are trying to do is reach an agreement with your spouse that best benefits you and your children. Your well-being both during and after the divorce will influence your child’s well being. Nit picking over small details can, in the end, raise your stress levels, draw out your divorce, and take time away that you could be spending with your child.

Working with an experienced divorce mediator can help you stay focused on what is important while still accomplishing the task at hand. The role of a mediator is to provide information, support, and guidance. The mediation environment is conducive to carving out a future you can be happy with and will be in the best interests of your child. And, with the right mindset and the help of a skilled divorce mediator, you and your spouse can easily avoid these common mistakes.

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