Dividing your marital property is by no means an easy task. Oftentimes, both spouses may be reluctant to part with certain assets, especially if it means they will go to their ex-spouse. In fact, property division is commonly the most contentious part of a divorce. Because of this, the division of property often ends up being handled by attorneys in the courtroom. Typically, most couples would not be served well by leaving it up for a judge to decide. You’ve worked hard for your assets and may have developed some attachments to them. Luckily, divorce mediation is a non-adversarial way to divide your property while still staying in control of the outcome.

Tailored Mediation Solutions: Your Property Division Options

Divorce mediation is a particularly well-suited way to reach an agreement over the division of your property. While a judge can readily determine some issues such as child support, how to equitably divide your assets and debts may take some negotiations back and forth between you and your spouse. Divorce mediators are skilled at helping spouses negotiate an agreement they are both satisfied with, saving them the cost and stress of litigation.