How To Start The Negotiation Of Your Divorce Case

Negotiating your own divorce settlement can be an efficient and non-adversarial way to get a divorce in Massachusetts. If you plan on handling your divorce outside of court, you may be wondering if you can handle your divorce negotiations on your own and if the formality of divorce mediation is really necessary. Divorce negotiations may not seem like much of a challenge if you and your spouse can be open, honest, and understanding.

Divorce negotiations can be complex no matter how well you get along.

Once you sit down and begin to hash out the details of your divorce, it may be challenging to stay on track and remain amicable.

Divorce Negotiations: Do We Need Help?

Many of the benefits of having an experienced mediator assist you with negotiations come from the environment and structure. Mediation does not have to be formal and impersonal. A good mediator will create an environment of respect, open communication, and honesty. This can be difficult to do on your own while you are doing the hard work of making major life decisions. The structure a mediator provides helps keep your negotiations moving forward efficiently. When couples try to handle their negotiations on their own, they can easily get caught up on small details while losing sight of the big picture: creating your separation agreement and finalizing your divorce. Most people do not want their divorce to drag on, but this can easily happen without the effective encouragement and skilled guidance of a mediator.

You should consult with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator even if you want to handle your divorce negotiations on your own. Mediation can be used for specific issues in your divorce. It is not uncommon for couples to work out what they can on their own before taking the remaining issues to the mediation table. In fact, many couples choose to mediate just the most contentious issues, such as asset division. Oftentimes, this is a smart and strategic move that keeps the divorce moving forward.

Speaking with a Massachusetts divorce mediator can give you an idea of how mediation works and what you will need to work out in your divorce negotiations. You may not know, for example, what needs to be included in your parenting plan or what your options are for dividing your assets. A good mediator can also advise you of the Massachusetts divorce forms you need to fill out and provide information on Massachusetts divorce law.

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