Divorce, Several Ways

More and more, non-traditional marriages are taking their rightful side in society next to traditional marriages. And, just as traditional marriages face a risk of divorce, non-traditional marriages do, too. Because of the unique situations a non-traditional marriage presents, the approach to divorce in one of these marriages may end up being non-traditional as well.

Today, there are several different alternatives to the traditional courtroom divorce. The civil court system isn’t a particularly well-suited venue to dissolve a life together, traditional or non-traditional. Many people look for more confidential and flexible alternatives because of the impersonal nature of courtroom divorces. Divorce mediation is one of these alternatives.

Divorce mediation is one of these alternatives. Mediation allows for a more fine-tuned divorce outcome that truly meets the needs of the couple. When looking at same-sex marriages or marriages where both the spouses are equal breadwinners, the main issues that need to be resolved in the divorce sometimes differ from those in your typical divorce.

Mediation is a courtroom alternative that provides more confidentiality, more flexibility, and more control in the spouses’ hands. In mediation, you and your spouse work toward creating a separation agreement you can both agree on. Once the agreement is signed and notarized, you can then file your divorce with the court. This leaves the negotiation process outside the purview of the court. This method is also streamlined and requires less be included in the public record. This makes mediation a favorable choice among non-traditional couples and couples with significant assets or business ownership interests.

In addition to increased confidentiality, mediation offers the couple seeking divorce complete control over the outcome. If you consider your marriage as non-traditional, you may be looking for a way to tailor your divorce to better suit your family’s unique needs. Mediation centers on just that: working out the terms and conditions of your divorce in your own way, so the outcome is as unique as your family. This leaves no room for “typical” outcomes of the court and results in higher satisfaction for both spouses.

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