Working Together To Split Apart

As easily as two people come together, modern couples are finding it just as easy to uncouple. The term conscious uncoupling goes against a lot of what divorce typically looks like: a traumatic experience of splitting up. Conscious uncoupling has been on the tip of many tongues lately following a wave of surprisingly amicable celebrity breakups. But what does it mean, and how can you get in that mindset?

With many things in life, attitude is everything. And it is important to remember that the attitude you take toward your divorce can greatly affect the outcome, especially if you have children. If you aren’t familiar with the conscious uncoupling mentality, there are a few things you should know. First, it seeks to avoid the blame game in divorce. The finger-pointing, accusations, and heated battles of a typical divorce aren’t consistent with the idea of conscious uncoupling. Instead, couples adhering to this mindset choose to separate their lives purposefully and respectfully. This is especially helpful in preserving the peace of mind of both spouses but also helps preserve the happiness and well-being of the couple’s children. Without giving in to the drama and trauma of divorce, spouses can exit the marriage still feeling whole and maintaining the power to move on healthily and happily from the split.

Embracing The New Divorce Mentality: The Path To Conscious Uncoupling

You may want to consider divorce mediation if you and your spouse like the conscious uncoupling attitude toward divorce. Mutually deciding to end your marriage on a positive or at least neutral note is an honorable way to end things. You may need some help, however, when it comes to working out the terms and conditions of your divorce amicably and cooperatively. Working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator can provide you the environment in which to work through the details of your divorce with your spouse closely yet respectfully.

Mediation is also a great way to divorce while still developing and maintaining those crucial communication skills that come in handy if you are destined to continue on as co-parents after the split. Speak with a Massachusetts divorce mediator if you have questions about how you can divorce in a way that leaves you and your family whole and at peace.

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