Dividing assets in a divorce can be a stressful experience. You know you can’t hold on to everything you want because your spouse is entitled to his or her fair share. But how do you reach a fair division of your assets without going to court to have a judge decide for you? You may feel like you need some guidance and financial advice at this stage. In the midst of a divorce, you could be second-guessing what the right choice is in the long run. If you are planning on mediating your divorce, you may be wondering if the mediator can provide you financial advice. Your mediator will provide you resources that will help you and your spouse figure out what is best for you. This is often the best way for couples to handle their divorce finances on their own without attorneys successfully.

Mediator's Role In Financial Matters: What To Expect In Mediation

A divorce mediator will provide you and your spouse with all the information you need to make educated decisions about your assets and finances. A good mediator can also refer you to specialists who can give you advice on specific problems. Mediation is a good option for couples that do not want a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court judge making decisions about their finances for them. You and your spouse are the ones who should be making the decisions, and it is easy for a couple to do so with the help of a good mediator.

Consider working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you are unsure as to how you will divide your assets. If you and your spouse cannot agree, a judge will have to decide for you. This is often not in the best interests of the couple who want to have a say in their financial future.

Divorce mediation can provide you with the information needed to know what is right for your family. A good mediator can also enlist the help of financial professionals, such as an accountant or tax planner, should you need further assistance.

Every family is different, and every divorce is different. A mediator is not there to tell you what you should do or to give you individual financial advice specific to your unique needs. What you will gain in mediation, however, is the support and encouragement needed to think clearly and plan thoroughly for your financial future.

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