Family law mediators are highly trained professionals who help facilitate divorce negotiations between two spouses. A mediator may or may not be a practicing attorney, but he or she should have a solid grounding in Massachusetts family law and have the know-how to help you voluntarily resolve your legal issues on your own. When looking for a good mediator, consider experience a priority.

Divorce mediation, while less stressful than litigation, can still be emotionally challenging. Your mediator should be efficient and experienced, but also compassionate and understanding of the real emotions you may experience. Because experience is so crucial, it is a good idea to research a few mediators before you decide on one. Don’t confuse price with high quality and value. Discuss your case and ask them how they can help you and your spouse efficiently resolve your divorce issues.

A good divorce mediator should have extensive knowledge of Massachusetts family law. They must also be reasonable and able to leverage that knowledge to help you and your spouse negotiate an agreement that is fair for both spouses. A good mediator can keep the playing field level despite heated debate. Remember, mediation is about conflict resolution and helping people execute their divorce on their own terms. They should know how to skillfully diffuse conflict and keep the mediation moving forward. Your mediation experience should be empowering; make sure your mediator is motivated to help you maintain your sense of control throughout the process.

Above all, make sure your mediator is confident that they can help you and your spouse. A good mediator will not give you false hopes, but will be up front and honest about what is required of you and your spouse for the mediation to be a success. A good mediator will be frank about the work you will have to put in. Many couples decide mediation is right for them and, with the help of a good mediator, are able to reach an agreement.

Having an experienced and dedicated divorce mediator will give you the best chance at success, allowing you to maintain dignity and your peace of mind throughout the divorce process. Do you have questions or concerns about the mediation process? Mediation Advantage Services is here to help. Law Office of Polly Tatum, experienced in Massachusetts family law, can work hard to ensure your divorce mediation is a success. Our firm serves those across Worcester County as well as across Massachusetts. Call our Worcester office at (508) 466-4734, fill out our online form, or email us at today to schedule your Complimentary Mediation Success Planning Session. You can also sign up for our eNewsletter or download our free guide for more information regarding divorce in Massachusetts.