The co-parent role is one you probably haven’t been planning for. You most likely didn’t consider this role when you had your child and maybe still couldn’t envision what it will be like to raise your child after you divorce. You may have seen your friends or family struggle with co-parenting after divorce. This is not uncommon. Continuing to raise your child with your ex-spouse after divorce is one of the hardest roles you will fill. You can make it easier, however, by planning and preparing for the role while you are still in the midst of your divorce.

The co-parent role is not just a hard one; it is an important one as well. Children can be greatly affected by divorce, and successfully co-parenting can help them fair better. The problem is, you and your spouse will need to get along and work together to be effective. Don’t be discouraged. Many people can maintain a good working relationship with their ex-spouse for the benefit of their child. Achieving such a healthy balance takes hard work, though, and that work starts with how you approach your divorce.

Consider divorce mediation instead of taking your divorce to a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court if you want to work on and preserve your co-parenting skills. Good co-parents work together for the benefit of their child. Taking your divorce to court to battle against each other isn’t good co-parenting nor does it send your child the right message. Mediation can show your child that while you and your spouse are no longer committed to the marriage, you are both still committed to being loving and supportive parents. Mediation can also help you and your spouse ensure the terms and conditions of your divorce are best suited for your family’s needs and look out for the well-being of your child. Taking your divorce to court can sometimes result in a divorce judgment that, while it may be fair, doesn’t reflect your family’s unique needs.

Even if your marriage is ending, your roles as parents are not. This presents a unique situation many modern families find themselves in every day. You and your spouse can choose to end your marriage, but you cannot choose to end your relationship as parents. Luckily, there are things you can do, like working together on your divorce, which can prepare you for the co-parenting role you are about to take on.

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