The Short & Sweet Of It

Divorce can hit at any time, be it after ten years of marriage or two.

Although divorce after a short-term marriage may seem abrupt, it is sometimes better than staying in an unhappy situation. A divorce after a short marriage is handled much like divorces after longer marriages are. But, due to the limited time the couple had to build their lives together; they tend to be a little simpler. The outcomes of short marriage divorces tend to look a little different.

Divorcing after a short-term marriage can be disappointing if not shocking.

On the bright side, short-term marriage divorces tend to be simpler than divorces following more substantial marriages. Without the time it takes to have children, acquire significant assets and debts together, or invest personal resources into the marriage, a divorce can be relatively simple. You can file for a no-fault, uncontested divorce. This is a more streamlined way to get divorced in Massachusetts. You do not need to take your divorce to court. You can work out the details of your divorce on your own with your spouse or with the help of a mediator. Massachusetts alimony is not commonly awarded after a short-term marriage. Many couples have not yet made the kinds of sacrifices and commitments that result in one spouse being financially dependent. Certain types of alimony may be awarded in cases where the marriage lasted less than five years.

This type of alimony is short-term. It either reimburses the recipient or helps them transition to a self-sufficient life. Speak with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you have questions about alimony after a short-term marriage. A mediator can explain your options and give you guidance. If you and your spouse agree on alimony, this can be included in your separation agreement. Dividing assets and debts after a short marriage can be relatively easy if the couple didn’t acquire significant assets. In most cases few marital assets will have been acquired. The spouses’ assets and debts will be divided equitably. Unless there are children born of the marriage, a simple asset and debt division may be the hardest part of your divorce.

If you have questions about divorce after a short-term marriage, contact Mediation Advantage Services for experienced family law help.

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