Polly Tatum, the founder of Mediation Advantage Services in New Haven has a professional opinion about mediation as an option to resolve the critical issues in divorce. Most people, when they really consider it, do not want the court to be in control of the outcome of their divorce. They generally would prefer to keep their business private, and get all the issues sorted out without the need to go to trial and fight a lengthy and expensive court battle, with uncertain results.

There is enough emotional upheaval in a divorce that engaging in a court battle with the two parties as opponents can destroy the hope of a reasonable relationship as parents of shared children. The costs involved are a real issue, as litigation reduces the value of the marital property, and there are more demands, with two households instead of one to pay for. Why spend so much on legal fees when divorce mediation is an option? Keep the money in your own pockets to use for establishing your new life as a single person.

Even if one party has already hired an attorney, this does not stop you from engaging in mediation. Some people, after working with their own attorneys for a short period of time and then looking at the bill make the decision to move forward with the mediation process as those bills can be extremely shocking. Even people who are fully engaged in litigation and facing an upcoming divorce trial can switch to mediation and get the job done outside of court. At Mediation Advantage Services, we take on cases at any point. Read more about our professional opinion on mediation in the e-book issued by our firm, Divorce and Mediation in Massachusetts.