You agree to be a part of another person’s future when you get married. Planning for your future in marriage will involve planning with your spouse.

Planning for your future after divorce may involve your spouse as well, but it will be a series of personal choices you must make with only your and your child’s best interests in mind. You should consider divorce mediation if you are concerned about making the best decisions for your future after the divorce. What you include in your separation agreement will affect your future for years to come. You will need to keep in mind  many issues such as:

  • How you will continue to raise your child
  • Where you will move
  • Your next step in life (e.g. school, training, work)
  • What will happen to your assets, such as your home
  • How you will pay for your child’s college education
  • Who will make important decisions for your child, such as piercings, study abroad, and military enrollment
  • How you will file your taxes post-divorce
  • How you will support yourself and your child after the divorce

You should be creating your separation agreement with these issues in mind.

Try not to think just in the here and now. Ask yourself if your parenting time schedule will be feasible down the road, as your child grows older. Work with your  spouse on planning for your next tax return filing. Child credits, filing status, exemptions, and deductions should be carefully planned to maximize both your tax benefits. Similarly, look at projected values as you divide your assets and debts.

Taking the family home in lieu of alimony payments may seem like a good idea now, but real estate values could fluctuate. And always keep in mind your personal happiness going forward. What will you need to do to establish your single life again? What will you need to do to become self-supporting, and what will you need to do to successfully co-parent? Planning for your future is indeed one of the most important parts of a divorce.

Consider working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you want to make sure you are planning for your future during your divorce.

Taking your divorce to court is largely leaving your future in the hands of a judge. You stay in control of major decisions about your future in divorce mediation. Divorce mediation also provides a safe and respectful venue in which you and your spouse can work together on planning for both of your futures.

A good mediator can help you and your spouse do so amicably and peaceably.

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