Reluctant & Not Ready

Unless you and your spouse are on the same page, you may have some disagreements when it comes to the divorce. If your spouse is reluctant to start the legal process, you should talk with him or her about what to expect. If you would like to try mediation, you are already at a good starting point.

Some people are reluctant to try mediation first, fearing that they won’t know what to do. To alleviate such fears, make sure you discuss these details with your spouse first:

One of the biggest benefits of mediation is being able to decide on the terms and conditions of your divorce for yourselves. No lawyer or judge will decide for you. This is also one of the reasons why people may be reluctant to mediate. Having to decide on your own can be intimidating, especially for those who already don’t feel in control of the process. Center your discussion on how mediation works and what will be expected of your spouse. Make sure you note that the role of the mediator is to help you work through any hiccups that may arise, provide you the information you need to create a legally enforceable separation agreement, and facilitate negotiations between you two.

Support & Guidance Can Help Ensure Success

Your spouse may also be reluctant to mediate if he or she feels a need for an advocate. If this is a real concern, suggest your spouse have a divorce lawyer review your agreement after you are done with mediation.

This can provide peace of mind that his or her interests are being protected. Some people are hesitant to mediate for fear they will be taken advantage of. In reality, the opposite is often true. Mediation allows your spouse to have a hand in the outcome of the divorce. Having an attorney review the agreement afterward can help ensure your spouse that he or she made the right decisions. For any spouse who is reluctant to mediate, it is important to provide them with the information needed so they can make good decisions. Consult with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you have questions about the process yourself. It is important to thoroughly understand how mediation works before introducing the idea to your spouse.

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