Having a high net-worth has its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to high net-worth divorces, people may think that hiring an aggressive divorce litigator is their best bet for leaving the marriage retaining as much of their wealth as possible.

Divorce mediation is an excellent alternative to divorce litigation for many high net-worth divorces. Mediating high net-worth divorces is all about control. When you have significant assets, it is natural to want to maintain control of them in a divorce. By taking your divorce to court, however, you are losing some of that control and giving it to the court and your attorneys. If you gained your wealth through hard work and perseverance, chances are you won’t want to give up control that easy.

Divorce mediation allows you to stay in control of your divorce and your assets. Letting a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court judge decide the fate of your wealth may not be wise. No one knows better than you the true worth of your estate. Reputation, the success of your business or practice, and long-term financial growth may be at stake in a divorce. It can take some fine maneuvering to work out an agreement that protects your net-worth while still being fair to both of you. For maximum control, you should consider divorce mediation as a way to amicably work out a separation agreement that is mutually beneficial to you and your spouse.

Divorce mediation also gives you control over information because it is highly confidential. In high net-worth divorces, there may be pieces of information that would be a liability if they became public record. While personal information like your social security number and bank accounts can be redacted from your divorce records, much more information will become a matter of public record. Mediation allows you to minimize the involvement of the court and thus the publicity of your personal matters.

Consider working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you have a high net-worth and want to discuss your options for divorce.

Choose a mediator with experience handling issues specific to your case.

For example, if your wealth includes business ownership, find a mediator who has some experience working with business owners going through a divorce.

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