Parents in same-sex marriages have the same right to custody or parenting time as any parent would. As long as parentage is established, you are free to create a custody arrangement and parenting time schedule that works best for your family, as long as you both agree and it is in your child’s best interests. A parent’s sexual orientation has no bearing on how custody is decided in Massachusetts. Children born into same-sex marriages are assumed to be the children of both spouses. If one spouse was artificially inseminated, the other spouse is assumed to be the child’s parent as long as he or she provided consent.

Same-sex couples can agree on a custody and parenting time arrangement on their own, but they will face the same struggles heterosexual couples do when trying to negotiate such agreements. They will need to decide whether they want to share physical and/or legal custody or if one parent will have sole custody. They will also need to develop a parenting time schedule for the non-custodial parent or a residential schedule if they choose to share physical custody. These decisions can be difficult to make together, especially in the middle of a divorce. Consider what arrangement is best for your child, what will provide the most stability, and what will allow them to spend ample time with both parents.

Consider working with an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator if you are a same-sex couple that wants to negotiate a custody agreement.

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For many parents, being in control of the custody arrangement is preferable to letting a judge decide. This helps preserve the privacy of the family and ensures the arrangement can be uniquely suited to the family’s needs. A mediator can help you carefully craft a separation agreement including custody arrangement and parenting time or residential schedule.

Working with a mediator is a great option for couples that want to protect their children from the animosity divorce litigation can incite. Speak with a mediator today about your options for creating a tailored custody arrangement that will protect your child’s best interests.

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