There are several ways you can get a divorce in Massachusetts. If you are contemplating divorce, you may be worrying about having to go to court. The court will have some role in your divorce; however, you do not have to let the court decide on all your issues for you. If you can reach an agreement with your spouse on your own or with the help of a skilled divorce mediator, you can submit your written separation agreement, along with other required forms, to the court. The court will set a hearing date for the review of your agreement, which you and your spouse will have to appear at. If the court approves your agreement you will not have to appear in court again and your divorce will automatically finalize after the initial divorce nisi period.

If you and your spouse cannot work out a separation agreement on your own, you can take your divorce to court to litigate it, however, this is often highly adversarial and a drain on resources. If you wish to avoid the experience of a courtroom divorce, and most people typically do, consider divorce mediation as a non-adversarial alternative to litigation. Mediation provides the opportunity for both spouses to work out a separation agreement with the guidance of an impartial third-party who can help ensure the separation agreement is fair, reasonable, and in accordance with Massachusetts law.

If you can work out a separation agreement during mediation, you can submit it to the court and wait for your hearing. Again, if your separation agreement is approved at the hearing, you will not have to appear in court again.

Learn More About Whether It Is Necessary To Go To Court In A Massachusetts Divorce Case

Courtroom divorces can turn spouses against each other and may impede healthy communication going forward. This is especially detrimental to any children that are involved, as co-parents must learn how to cope and work together for the benefit of the child. Consider working with a skilled divorce mediator if you want to minimize stress and conflict in your divorce.

Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to obtaining a Massachusetts divorce without having to go through the ordeal of divorce litigation.

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