Overview Of Mediation

The average mediated divorce takes about 2 months and costs the couple a total of $3,500 to $5,000.

The average contested litigation costs $6000 – $10,000even more if there is a trial.

As more people leave court feeling angry, abused and cheated, others are 
turning to mediation. Statistics show that over ¼ million people are using Divorce Mediation yearly.

  • When couples are separating or divorcing they are often dealing with a lot of emotions. An experienced Mediator can assist in diffusing those feelings and help each side communicate their needs and concerns in a way that the other party can hear and understand.
  • Mediation allows couples to negotiate their own agreement through a neutral third person.
  • Research shows that couples who develop their own agreements are mutually satisfied and the agreements are longer lasting.
  • Mediation provides the couple with the necessary legal information – so that couples can make informed decisions based upon the information.
  • Mediator does not judge the couple, nor impose any decisions on the couple.
  • Mediator helps the couple develop a separation agreement that is fair and  reasonable for both.
  • Mediation is voluntary.