There are a couple of common reasons that couples divorce, most notably what is termed “irreconcilable differences.” The married couple is no longer getting along, and now has emotional, communication or often, financial problems. In some cases, there has been substance abuse, either drugs or alcohol or an affair. These are common issues that will lead to divorce, but generally, the two have grown apart and just do not get along. A structured mediation can be very valuable in these situations.

Our mediation process involves guiding the two parties through to a final resolution in the crucial issues. Keeping the divorcing couple on track and focusing on the separation agreement while acknowledging their emotional issues is a critical part of guiding the mediation process successfully. With over 2,000 divorce mediations completed, our New Haven mediation firm has proven to be one of the most effective in the mediation process. Read more about the most common reasons couples divorce for further information in an in-depth interview with Attorney Polly Tatum of Mediation Advantage Services.

Understanding Divorce Triggers: Common Factors Leading To Separation