There are several common misconceptions about mediation and how it works. Many people believe that the two parties must be amicable to engage in the process, which is not accurate. The only agreement that must exist between the two parties, in fact, is that they both agree to the mediation process. This decision could be based upon a desire to save the costs of an attorney for each party, as well as the costs of a court battle. Some people believe that mediation is similar to marriage counseling, but in fact it is a different process.

One or both parties have determined that divorce is the only option. Although there are cases in which through the mediation process, the couple makes the decision to try to repair the marriage, in fact, the mediation process has the purpose of resolving the issues so a divorce agreement can be hammered out without the need for court intervention. You can read more about the common misconceptions about mediation in our e-book, or contact us at Mediation Advantage Services to speak with us directly.

Unveiling The Truth About Mediation: Debunking Myths And Misunderstandings