Parenting your child during a divorce is a very difficult task. During the tumult of dividing up your lives and finances, you and your spouse still have to stick together in the endeavor of co-parenting. While you are trying to work out agreements on custody and time-sharing, you will still share custody and thus will both be responsible for the care and custody of your child. One of the best ways you can effectively co-parent during a pending divorce is to work together, rather than against each other, in your divorce. Divorce mediation can help, rather than hinder, your and your spouse’s efforts at forming a strong and functioning co-parenting unit. The conflict between parents is perhaps one of the most detrimental effects children must deal with in a divorce. Mediation can help keep this conflict to a minimum.

Navigating Divorce Together: Effective Co-parenting Techniques

When couples choose to take their divorce to court they are sometimes discouraged from talking with their spouse about the divorce outside of the case proceedings. This can stifle communication regarding the parenting of your child. The less you communicate with your spouse about your child, the greater the risk of having conflict over custody and parenting time issues as pick up and drop off times, overnights, and cost-sharing responsibilities. Working together with a mediator during your divorce can foster a strong communicative relationship between you and your spouse.

The best thing you can do to effectively co-parent your child during a divorce is to demonstrate to them that there will be little change in how they are treated by you and your spouse. Parenting during a pending divorce is challenging, to say the least. Although you may run into divorce-related conflict, try to keep the lines of communication about your child clear. Simply discussing your parenting efforts in detail with your spouse can contribute to a resiliency that you may need to rely on later on. Consider working with a divorce mediator if you and your spouse are committed to being effective co-parents during and after your divorce. Co-parenting requires you keep the lines of communication open to discuss what is best for your child. Mediation is particularly well suited to encourage this communication and keep conflict to a minimum.

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