Many children have their own cell phones today. More commonly used to keep in touch with friends, play games, watch shows, and listen to music, a cell phone can also ensure your child can contact you at any time. It is normal to want to keep in touch when your child is having parenting time with their other parent. When couples divorce, one of the hardest consequences to deal with is sharing parenting time. A cell phone can provide your child a means of communication to stay close to both of you during parenting time. If you share decision-making power with the other parent, however, you may want to discuss the issue first. However beneficial a cell phone may seem, you should consider the cost responsibilities, the age appropriateness, security and content restrictions you may want to impose, and whether or not the other parent supports your idea.

The Use Of Cell Phones During Parenting Time: What's Allowed And Advisable

You can address such issues as cell phone use in your parenting plan. A parenting plan provides guidelines on decision-making authority, parenting time schedules, cost responsibilities, visitation procedures, and the rights and privileges you want to give your child. These guidelines are essential for effective co-parenting. You and your spouse can set these guidelines during mediation. No issue is too small if it is important to you and beneficial to your child. Including arrangements for matters such as cell phone use in your parenting plan can help ensure you and your ex-spouse can be on the same page.

It may be beneficial to provide your child a cell phone if he or she is mature enough to handle the responsibilities. Always keep in mind; you should only give your child a cell phone if it is in their best interests. Giving your child his or her own cell phone to use can strengthen their relationship with both you and the other parent. Having a cell phone may give your child a sense of security because they can contact you at any time. A cell phone may not be appropriate for every child. Listen to the other parent’s opinion on this matter to make the best decision for your child. Addressing parenting plan issues, such as cell phone use, in mediation can ensure you and your spouse both agree on your child’s rights and can prevent conflict down the road.

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