Every aspect of a family law case can absolutely be mediated. Our firm handles divorce, custody, family law and parenting plan mediation. We also handle the mediation of custody modifications. Our overall goal is to always help the clients and serve the best interests of their children. We help clients put their children first. Custody mediation definitely minimizes the conflict between the two parents because it puts them in control. Working with a skilled and experienced divorce and family law attorney can help people co-parent after a divorce or separation.

What Are Some Mistakes That Couples Make When Going Through A Divorce?

The first mistake people make when going through a divorce is thinking that hiring the most aggressive divorce lawyer is the answer for them. Many people do this because they want a guarantee that they will receive what they want. However, they will soon realize that a divorce attorney will want a large retainer of about $5000 to $10,000 in higher asset cases. The total actual cost of a divorce can be anywhere from $15,000 to six figures by the time it’s all said and done. The most expensive divorce case took place in Worcester County and cost a couple over $500,000 in legal fees.

The Potential And Limits Of Mediation In Family Law Matters

When two separate attorneys are hired, it’s going to take 14 months to two years to get a divorce. In addition, there could be a public courtroom trial about the intimate details of your marriage and your life. You can avoid this by doing some research as to which professional to hire and then asking them to honestly estimate how much a divorce will cost you financially. You can also look into other alternatives, such as working with a highly experienced divorce mediator.

During a divorce, people tend to make irrational decisions about their living situations. For example, they may start removing money from their bank account because they received bad advice from someone who told them to do so. They may obtain a second residence without first going through a detailed budget analysis, which may be because they are emotional and just want to stop the pain. Some people also make the mistake of telling the children too many details about the divorce and placing blame on the other parent. Doing that could end up causing the kids to have even more emotional distress.

The third and perhaps biggest mistake people make is thinking that they can handle the divorce on their own. If you were experiencing chest pain, would you search the symptoms online, diagnose yourself, download a prescription and go to the pharmacy? No; you would go to your cardiologist. If you were experiencing an emotional breakdown because of the divorce, would you go see an eye doctor or seek individual counseling? No; you would go to your professional therapist.

The best and least harmful choice is to work with a professional divorce mediator. A divorce mediator helps couples develop a fair divorce agreement through a structured and confidential process. The reason that divorce mediation is the better process is because it allows the couple to save time and money and to be in control of their divorce agreement. We help couples prepare for life during and after a divorce by providing a comprehensive and structured divorce mediation process.

We invite you and your spouse to attend a two-hour mediation success planning session. Most mediators only schedule a 30 minute initial session. During our planning session, we will discuss your goals for your family and provide a comprehensive financial review of your situation. This session is meant to empower you and your spouse to move forward with your divorce with peace of mind, clarity and direction. Divorce can be incredibly complex, and even if you think yours will be simple, you may realize that there are more issues that need to be dealt with. In addition, you may find that you and your spouse disagree on those issues.

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