Economic recessions are times where frivolous spending is simply not an option. Cutbacks on all ends are crucial in order to stay afloat and it becomes imperative to think before spending money. These difficult times are heightened when the life-changing decision to end a marriage is involved. As the economy starts to pull out of this deep recession, divorce rates are still climbing and couples are continually seeking alternatives to traditional litigation. Not only is litigation costly, time-consuming and heart wrenching; it has also proved detrimental to the dynamic of families, thus couples are searching for more amicable and peaceful means but also for a cost-effective alternative to litigation.

Economic Downturn Solutions: How Divorce Mediation Benefits All

Mediation is a viable option for couples considering divorce, offering an inexpensive more controlled way to cope with the demise of a marriage without facing financial ruin. Divorce Mediation can be both an economical and collaborative effort allowing couples to develop cohesive parenting plans and ground rules without bitter court battles and steep legal fees. Collateral damage from financial fallout can be avoided with the utilization of mediation services. The average litigated divorce can cost thousands of dollars often times depleting a family’s finances. With the help of a neutral third party, in this case, an Attorney/Mediator is able to help resolve property, and custody disputes from a legal perspective while creating a comprehensive agreement that works for both parties, as opposed to a decision handed down by a judge.

The mediation process understands the value and necessity of confidentiality and allows families to endure the process in complete anonymity, as the confidential process occurs in the private conference room. Working with your spouse through the mediation process will enable you to make the best out of an already difficult emotional experience. Although your marriage may be unsalvageable, mediation will relieve the financial stresses of the litigated divorce process.