Through Divorce Comes Learning

In my many years working with divorcing clients, I’ve realized divorce teaches us all valuable life lessons. Let’s face it; divorce is a hard experience even if you want it. Although divorce may leave you feeling less than whole, know that through every tough experience comes a lesson. Divorce is no exception. Here are five life lessons I believe divorce teaches and teaches well.

  1. Life is too short to settle…for anything. It is never too late to realize you deserve better. Life is too short and too precious to remain unhappy because you don’t want to take risks.
  1. Life alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lonely. Having time to focus on you instead of a struggling marriage is a benefit of divorce. Many feel lonely in unhappy marriages but surprisingly don’t feel lonely once they are single again. Divorce gives you a chance to become self-sufficient, form better relationships, and find fulfillment in being single.
  1. Loving yourself is important in any relationship. Divorce is devastating if you don’t already love yourself. It can reaffirm negative self-images and make it much harder to imagine being happy or making someone else happy ever again. You can use this as an opportunity to learn to love yourself. Once you do this, the divorce may seem less catastrophic and more educational.
  1. Change will happen, welcome it. Divorce can teach you to embrace change. Once you learn this skill, the world becomes a less scary place. If you view change as something that is inevitable, you mentally prepare yourself to face the next big change in your life with confidence. And there will be more big changes in the years to come.
  1. Find your center, and you can face any challenge. Divorce will teach you a few lessons about yourself, whether you want to learn them or not. Learning, or relearning, who you are as a single person can be empowering. It also makes it easier to find someone else to include in your life that is right for you. Divorce makes us do some soul searching as we look for answers for what went wrong. This is perhaps the most beneficial lesson of all because it helps us avoid those mistakes again.

The School Of Divorce: Navigating Life's Learning Curve

Divorce doesn’t have to devastating. It can teach you life lessons you couldn’t have learned from anything else. So, while you may feel lost now, divorce can point you in the right direction. Consider divorce mediation if you want to remain whole through the process of divorce. Mediation can allow you and your spouse to remain amicable through the experience and let you make the decisions that will shape your future.

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